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Coaches and Staff




Very cool story about our Vaughan Rebels coaches from last fall. Marco Simeone, Jonathan DiMarino, Marco Borsella, Michael Bancheri, Shawn Sahota, and Matthew Bruno were part of the U12 2023 coaching staff. The great part about this? They all played on the same Vaughan team growing up. They were very successful for Vaughan during their playing days as well, winning a Junior Varsity championship together in the summer season of 2019. Having them on our coaching staff leading the 12U Vaughan Rebel is so special for the players because they have all experienced being a Rebel. They know what our organization is all about. They know about how important family is and can teach our 12U Rebels about the culture that makes us so special and successful. The 12U Rebels are in good hands being led by this amazing group of men. 


Head coach of the 12U Khalil Graham coached these men when they played for Vaughan. He chose them to help lead his team because he knew firsthand the type of leaders they were. When asked about his former players, he had this to say: "When I originally took the head coaching spot, I didn’t want to do it without the guys i’ve been doing it since the beginning, my old players. I’m very big on family and that was always going to be the forefront of my program. To build a grassroots program, to have players that once wore the jersey and not too long ago at that, come and now coach for the same program is a dream. The winning culture we had as a player and coach tandem transferred over into what we wanted to do with our players this season. When you’re doing something with your family, anything is possible." That winning family culture is evident as the 12U team took home their second straight summer OSFL championship this past season. Coach Khalil is building something special with this group. The way he has been able to bring past Rebels to teach the new Rebels about the importance of family while also getting tremendous success on the field is nothing short of amazing.


This is what we mean when we say the Vaughan Rebels are a family. These men chose to stay together even after their playing days were over. They have stuck together as a family, and in the process have helped to continue that family culture with the younger generations of the Vaughan Rebels family. Having former players come back to coach is so great to see and is a testament to what we do here. The Vaughan Rebels create relationships that last a lifetime, this is proof of that. The bonds we create in this family are special, and we are so happy that we were able to create special enough bonds for these men that they felt the need to come back and continue the Vaughan Rebels legacy. It is safe to say that the 12U Rebels are in good hands being led by this amazing group of men. 

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